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now that i have your attention
i know i haven't posted anything for a long time.

some of you might know that this weekend was the Eerie Horror Film Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania. if you didn't, now you do. it just so happens that the Boondock Saints were at this festival.

here's a rundown of my weekend.

got picked up after work friday night, picked sean up, and spent the night at sarah's. left later than we wanted to the next morning. drove to erie.

(for most of the ride i thought we were going to be sleeping in the car, but SUPRISE! they reserved a hotel room like the awesome friends that they are)

got to the hotel room, checked out the schedule online. left for the expo. after getting lost, then finding the place, then getting lost looking for parking, we finally made it to the theater. after scoping the place out for the guys, we decided to check out vendors.

suddenly sean is like 'i think Rocco just bumped into me' but when i turned to look i didn't see him. then i thought i saw a line forming near where their tables were, so i was like WE NEED TO GO NOOOW. they still weren't there, OR SO I THOUGHT!

i looked down the hall and saw Rocco sitting on this couch. so of course we creeped from the other end of the hallway. he gets up and goes farther down the hallway and down these back steps and we wait a bit and then go sit on the couch. now at this point i was sitting on the couch texting or something and i think i hear the Reedus-laugh, but chalk it up to fangirl hallucinations. but then, sean says 'hey, here come your boyfriends' so i'm trying to hurriedly finish my text and tell him to shut up. i have just enough time to whip around as they get to us. and of course i wave like a shy school-child and squeak out the squeakiest hi on the planet AND REEDUS MOCKS ME. i was too delirious with the fact that he said 'hi' back to be too wounded.

so i get in line and i'm nearly dropping everything. i get to Rocco fisrt and have him sign my DVD, and he asks me about my instant camera. then i give him his present. it's this little gray and white stuffed cat. he mimes shooting it and then is all "aaw thanks! want a picture with you and me and the cat?" and i'm like 'YES ARE YOU KIDDING' so his expo-assisstant-dude takes our picture and i move on to Flanery.

the first thing i do is announce I BROUGHT THIS FOR YOU and oh-so-gracefully thrust this package at him. i honestly can't remember what he said at this point, but he opens it and dumps out all these assorted mini-resses candies. he says "i think i'll partake right now" and eats a mini fastbreak bar and like groans the entire time. then he says something that i, again, can't for the life of me remeber(something along the lines of me being amazing? i wish i could remember) AND I AM JUST DYING because i thought it'd just be like "who do you want this made out to? okay. here. move along". so then he's like "get over here so we can get a picture!" and he puts his arm around me. sean can't find the shutter on my camera and is all 'sorry! D:' so i say "don't be sorry, i'm touching Sean Patrick Flanery!" and Reedus chimes in with "yeah, i heard you can get a shot for that" everybody laughs, he signs my DVD, and now it's time for the Reedus.

so i move down the line and first thing out of his mouth is "hey sweetheart how's it going?". i probably answered with something akin to 'guh...goooooood' because IT'S LIKE STARING INTO THE SUN. he tells me he likes my hoodie and i anwers ever-so eloquently with a 'REALLY?' so then i give him his present and he's checking it out, all "wow, this bag is awesome! did you make it?" i say no and sarah and sean are like "you could have lied! haha" and i'm all WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD I BE IF I LIED TO NORMAN REEDUS. so then he opens it and it's two little beanie squirrels. he's like "no waaaaay! i am so associated with squirrels now, it's insane" so he stands up and LEANS ACROSS THE TABLE AND FREAKING HUGS ME! it was really unexpected. while we're hugging he's saying "thanks so much, babe!" and i can feel his freaking voice on the side of my head. so then he's playing with the squirrels and juggling them, making circus music and then he says "photo magic time?" and puts his arm around me. he gives me a squirell and says "you can hold this one" and we get our picture together. he still has his hand on my shoulder and he's making grabby-hands at my purse strap and is like "i'm gonna steal your purse!" so i ask why do you need a purse? he goes "I put my squirrels in! yeah" we all laugh. then he hugs me AGAIN and calls me more nice things and says thanks again and then gets to signing my DVD. it's a weird copy where the special features on on a sperate disc so he's like "wait, what is this? am i signing this? am i in this movie?" so he signs it, calls me another sweet endearment, and i walk away happiest of all the fest-goers!


i go back to get buy some photos and had them signed as a suprise for my mum. i have reedus pick one of himself and get them signed, all while feeling like a total creep-job for going through their line two days in a row. after we get to the end, i REALLY feel like a creep-job because i'm like LET'S STAND AROUND AND TAKE PICTURES OF THEM *cue creepy heavy breathing* they get up and are doing photos with all three of them together and i'm like DO WANT. just as i go up they start heading back to their tables. i'm all 'what about meee?' and i didn't think anyone could hear me say it, but Reedus did and asked "did you want one?" then yells something like "FLANERY get back over here, we're doing one more!" so we're getting ready and he's standing behind me and he puts his hands on my shoulders. and he starts squeezing. and i am standing there like 'AM I GETTING MY BACK RUBBED BY NORMAN REEDUS?' yes. YES I WAS. so then i'm like "sean! sarah! get in this picture!" they come over and we're all getting ready and he moves his hands up to my neck and pretends to choke me. BEST PICTURE EVER. even if i look like a derp.

even now i'm sitting here like IS THIS REAL LIIIIFE?
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Alex Ocampo
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a poem by cheapcamerax about our youth group rules.

We cheat to win,
We one-up our friends,
We know to keep Gary out.
Beasting it smartly,
Punch science always,
It’s glow time! That’s no doubt.

We’re aware that creepers simply creep,
We know Bros should never be dated,
We’d gladly date a Wall-E or Weibe,
But whether that’s purpling has been debated.

We eat our Brukrus every morning,
Though we’d never make out with a yam,
We’re still unsure about a prostatoe,
I guess you just can’t beast what you don’t have.

We know when it’s time for slime,
We assure you that ca-ca is crap,
We live by the rules of all that’s HARDCUT,
Come to the birth canal, we’ve got snacks.

If we should ever forget these rules,
These rules we try to convey,
I believe that the day that we forget these rules,
It’ll be a cold day…


Current Residence: assler, pa
Favourite genre of music: horror rock
Favourite cartoon character: Snipes or the Grand Duke's nefew

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